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Save space, time and money with a Bendi Australia materials handling solution. Our narrow aisle forklift specialists are on hand to offer advice on racking and warehouse storage systems for distribution, manufacturing and storage operations. Bendi Australia can provide the complete materials handling solution from narrow aisle forklifts through to warehouse design service and implementation.

Warehouse Design Bendi Warehouse Diagram, Before and After, Increase Your Warehouse Space

Our national team of experts will work with you to provide comprehensive warehouse plans. These design plans include site layout diagrams and storage capacity calculations for your warehouse. Using a Bendi narrow aisle forklift can increase your warehouse storage capacity by up to 50%. To arrange an on-site survey please fill in the form below with your relevant details. If you require further information please contact our team via our contact page here. Make sure to follow us over on our social media pages to keep up to date with Bendi Australia. Visit FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

  • Free site surveys
  • Warehouse layout diagrams
  • More efficient use of available space
  • Increase your warehouse capacity by up to 100%
  • We can save you money on new build costs and ancillary equipment
  • Optimise product throughput
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