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Specialist Service Support is of paramount importance when it comes to Narrow Aisle applications. Saving space and creating innovative handling solutions can have huge operational and cost benefits. However, it can also come at a price, namely that your business can come to rely on the uptime of your Materials Handling Equipment.

If a specialist Narrow Aisle Forklift breaks down in the aisle, or if it needs a regular service, then unless you have additional machines, you cannot simply revert to a Conventional Forklift. It is for this reason that we made the decision to specialise in the sector rather than simply offering Narrow Aisle machines as part of the wider portfolio provided by other Forklift companies.

Highly Trained Service Engineers – Industry Leading First Time Fix Rate

All of our Service Engineers are trained to the highest standard. Operating from a fleet of modern service vehicles, each with spare parts tailored to suit the locality and state of the art diagnostic equipment, we can guarantee industry leading first time fix rates. As specialists in this field, our Engineers can satisfy all of our customer’s individual needs and requirements. They cover both planned and emergency maintenance, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Planned Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Materials Handling Equipment by our qualified, well-trained Forklift Service Technicians means prevention rather than cure. It ensures the availability of your Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts and helps to avoid unwelcome and expensive surprises during your warehouse and logistics operations.

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Forklift Repair

In combination with the regular Narrow Aisle Forklift, maintenance carried out by our factory-trained Forklift Service Technicians and the now legendary Bendi quality makes unscheduled breakdowns are a rare occurrence. Should a breakdown occur, our team will respond to the call within 2 hours in metropolitan areas.

We also offer prompt response in regional areas through our network of Service partners. These partners have been trained in the proper Servicing of our Articulated Forklift range. They also have a direct link to our national help desk should they need additional assistance.

Our modern Forklift Service vehicles are especially well equipped. This it to ensure repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently. We have a vast range of Spare Forklift Parts locally backed up by the Bendi International Spare Forklift Parts operation, which will ensure your parts arrive without delay and usually overnight.

Forklift Parts

We reliably meet your Forklifts’ parts requirements from our central warehouse in Sydney, New South Wales. Here we have thousands of original Spare Parts in stock. In addition to this, our branch workshops are stocked with a comprehensive range of Forklift Parts and, together with our Forklift Service vehicles in each State, we can ensure a quick repair of your Bendi Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklifts.

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  • Original quality
  • Forklift Parts guarantee
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