Bendi Australia’s Articulated Forklifts can increase storage space by up to 50%, saving you space, time, and money!

Bendi Australia offer the comprehensive range of Materials Handling Equipment from Bendi Australia, the world’s most popular Articulated Fork Truck. From the award winning Bendi 3-Wheel Narrow Aisle Forklift, capable of working in aisles as small as 1.8m, to the 13.5m B420HL High Reach Forklift. There is now a Bendi Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklift to suit any site, layout, or budget; saving you space, time and money throughout your warehouse operations.

Industry Spotlight: Cold Store Applications

By reducing the aisle sizes in your warehouse from your typical Reach Truck size of a 3300mm clear aisle to a 1800mm clear aisle, you could potentially fit 40% to 50% more products within the same cubed area. This creates a greater storage density and in turn reduces cold storage costs, saving your business money.

Coldstore Forklift from Bendi Australia

Unmatched Forklift Aisle Performance

Due to Bendi’s patented Articulated Forklift system, aisle performance is far superior to that of Conventional Trucks. The innovative 220° rotation means that aisles as small as 1800mm can be achieved. This offers greater space savings which means increased storage capacity. A Bendi gives you more room to expand production areas and can even be a cost-effective alternative to an expensive extension or move to a bigger premises.

Bendi Australia Aisle Size Comparison Graphic
Articulated Forklift

The Original Multi-Purpose Forklift Truck

The innovative design of the Bendi Articulated Forklift means that high performance can be achieved both inside and outside. You can load and unload trailers on concrete or unpaved yards, and the Bendi can then move straight into the warehouse and place pallets into racking at heights of up to 13m without the need for guidance or expensive ‘super flat floors’.

Increased Materials Handling Equipment Productivity

With a driving style that is easy to learn and driver friendly, productivity with the Bendi is unequalled. In independent tests, the Bendi Articulated Forklift proved to be twice as fast as a Reach Truck and nearly three times faster than a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) machine.

In today’s competitive business world, companies are continually looking at ways to reduce costs, but at the same time improve their Materials Handling efficiency and productivity. You can profit from the benefits associated with Articulated Forklifts thanks to Bendi Australia.

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The versatility and speed of a Counterbalance

High Lift Forklift

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Bendi High Lift Forklift

The space saving of a VNA Truck

See How Much Space You Can Save With Bendi…

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See How Much Space You Can Save With Bendi…

Bendi Australia - Drag Me

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